Top tier fashion

Our top tier fashion is unlike anyone else’s fashion, because the batik used on on the inside of each product is very limited edition, made in small batches that we purchase from a variety of premium local vendors.


Keris is a Double edged dagger. What makes the #Keris one of a kind are the details found at the base of the blade; Details that exist in no other swords.

Lord Ganesh

Lord Ganesh, remover of obstacles, comes from the Hindu mythology. A beautiful design, based on the kind of flowing imagery popular in Bali. See more exclusive Balinese Jewelry:

Indonesian jewelry

#Indonesia is home to great jewelry, mainly for women, but simpler items like those featured on this page for men. For women, the jewelry tends to be oversized and ornate, which is a bit surprising since Indonesian women are generally petite.

Acrylic Indian Painting

This acrylic Indian painting is a completely different style than the previous Balinese work. There is, of course, enormous variation among the traditional styles of painting throughout Asia.