Dubai Beach, Marina area

Dubai Beach, in the Marina area, perfectly encapsulates what Dubai is about. The beach, like most of Dubai, is populated overwhelmingly by people from other countries. Even though Dubai is Muslim, you’ll find plenty of scanty bikinis here. And always more construction.

Meadowlark Park in Vienna

You can find a remarkable and huge Korean bell in this park. But we’re not showing you the bell, but Meadowlark Park in Vienna, Virginia, happens to be one of the most beautiful parks in the world, and gets few international visitors. @meadowlarkpark

Hand-carved Bali doors

How beautiful is your life? Do you notice the details? This is a door, and there are billions of doors in this world. But this door was hand-carved and painted in Ubud, Bali. And each one is a bit different. God is in the details.

Reality Check Bali

Building under construction? Check. Low hanging electrical wires? Check. A huge amount of trash from landscaping work? Check. Completely stopped traffic? Check. Today we bring you a reality check from the paradise island of Bali.

Philliipe Starck

I don’t buy art anymore because today art is too cynical too much business and I shall buy art when art shall come back to its duty of politics and honesty and real creativity and not marketing.

Hotel Togu

As you travel across the US you’ll see thousands of hotels that can barely be distinguished from each other; the same on the outside, the same on the inside. Indonesia is not like that. Hotel Togu is on the tip of Lombok Island, Indonesia, and has a beautiful private beach.