Islamic Art in kualalumpur

Why were the earliest book covers so beautiful? Because books themselves were works of art and craft, copied one at a time before the age of mass printing, and embellished with beautiful one of a kind art like this. From the Museum of #IslamicArt in #kualalumpur @IAMM_KL

Kuala Lumpur Art

The Islamic Arts Museum in Kuala Lumpur @IAMM_KL is wonderful; not only is it full of excellent Islamic art like this book cover, but it’s in an area within walking distance of other attractions, and the best hotel in Kuala Lumpur, The Majestic.

The Dragon Temple

Famous places are overrun with tourists. But an area like Chiang Mai, Thailand has so many beautiful temples you can randomly pick one and explore it. Notice the lack of other people here? Notice the beauty of this building? And a really cool name; the Dragon Temple.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Churches in the Western World, particularly for Protestants, are pretty spare and minimalist. So it’s quite a surprise to see the elaborate over the top decorations that are typical of temples in Asia, such as this one in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Bannerghatta Park

Bangalore India is a high tech center in India, somewhat akin to Silicon Valley in the US. So I’ve spent some time there. It also has a pretty decent zoo, Bannerghatta Park. How different is it seeing an elephant behind a wire, than seeing one in Africa?

Sonny Rollins

If I don’t get to practice, work on my embouchure and scales, then I can’t play correctly, and if I can’t play correctly, I can’t work out my ideas, and if I can’t work out my ideas, then I go crazy.