Remembering the Good Times

When so many of us are stuck at home, it’s good to remember the good times we’ve had in the past while traveling, and we’ll have again in the future.

To help you along on that journey, we’ll include one of our reader’s comments about her last year in Bali:

“The last year was that good because of all the beauty that I witnessed, diving at night in Amed for hours being mesmerized by bioluminescence, surfing in the most beautiful places by the rocks, so many times, so many sunsets, so many times going in the ocean during the first light, under the moon, watching the sky full of starts endless times, meeting so many truly incredible human beings, so much salt on the skin, so much time spent on the sand laughing and smiling, so many adventures, it’s that “unbearable lightness of being”, not to mention love, of course. But here even just driving from the hill down to your favorite cafe to have coffee feels like a dream in the endless summer.”

The beach may be empty right now, but it’s full of memories. And plans for your future.

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