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About Us

Indo Art House was created to encourage the preservation and continuation of the unique craft and art traditions in Indonesia. As an antidote to the increasing homogenization of cultures around the world, we seek to preserve the unique skills and craftsmanship involved in the incredibly wide array of Indonesian crafts; painting, batik, silverwork, puppets, kites, wood carving, stone statuary, jewelry, architecture, and much more.

By providing in-depth information about the stories behind the crafts, and details of how they are made, we hope collectors will gain a new level of insight and appreciation. In traditional crafts, unlike in modern art, the art or craft does not exist separately from the environment in which it was created. In order to understand and appreciate the art, you need to understand, at some level, the culture.

Welcome abroad to Indo Art House.

Our Team

About Us

Adhi Apriana

INDONESIA - Project Manager

Adhi has a master’s degree in Art Research for Visual Communication. He joined Groom Ventures in early 2022 after successfully organizing various charity-related events for the Virginia Groom Foundation, a related entity. Previously he worked on a startup project and creative production as a freelancer.

Sancita Resen

INDONESIA - Public Relation

Sancita has a bachelor’s degree in economics and is pursuing a master’s degree in tourism and was previously head of public relations at a tech start-up. He has been involved in Virginia Groom Foundation programs since they began in mid-2022.


INDONESIA - Technical Support

Purnawan is experienced in web programming and graphic design editor. He is a technical support associate for Indo Art House.

Support from Groom Ventures

John F. Groom

VIRGINIA - Founder

John has been involved in digital technology since 1996 with the launch of the Positive Press website, which garnered wide publicity. In 1998 he became the 4th full time employee of AnnuityNet, the first company in the world to sell variable annuities online. The processing system developed by AnnuityNet is now used by every major insurance company in the US.

Bryan Mattot

USA - Design Lead

Bryan has been with Groom Ventures since June 2020. During his time with Groom Ventures, he has been working on design, research, and testing for the development of Casa Command. Previously, he held the role of Lead Designer for three years at Rome Technologies, a management software developer. He has a bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.

Prudvi Nag

INDIA - Technical Lead

Prudhvi has been with Groom Ventures since 2019. He has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science & Applications and a Masters in Business. Previously, he was a Software Engineer at Sigma Info Solutions, Bangalore.

Know a Great Artist or Craftsman?

If you know someone in Indonesia who is applying outstanding creative and technical skills to traditional arts and crafts, let us know about them. They might be male or female, young or old, from any part of Indonesia. We might be able to help them in some way, not least of which is simply showing appreciation for their work.