Musical Instruments

When a culture just becomes a series of dusty museums and temples with picture-taking tourists, it dies. It lives when the older people pass on the skills to the young, such as when these boys learn traditional musical instruments in Bangkok, an otherwise very modern city.

waka hotels

The central part of Bali is overcrowded. But just an hour away you’ll find really nice resorts where you can still live the Bali dream, like @wakahotels. Unspoiled beach, quiet, and the restaurant view is just like this picture portrays it; look right onto the crashing waves.

MOMA Bangkok

This huge, and wildly complex, painting can be found along with two other very tall paintings on the top floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Bangkok. This beautiful museum is a bit hard to find but features some of the best contemporary work in Asia.

Chinatown Bangkok

Attention; Hotel and commercial real estate developers. You don’t have to spend a fortune to do something really unique and cool. This hotel in the Chinese section of #Bangkok has a reflecting pool on the ground level, just a few inches deep but a visual treat. #chinatown

Handmade Textiles

So you’re traveling abroad, and you love the local arts and crafts, but you can’t afford the big art. Just go to the place the locals buy cloth to make their own clothes. You can find amazing, limited run textiles, beautiful like art, like this piece from Bangalore, India.

Outfit of the day

Let’s face it; sometimes travel is a drag. Big crowds, hassles, high prices. But even in a waiting crowd, like at the always crowded Grand Temple in Bangkok, you have to appreciate the little things. Like this very cute outfit on this kid.

Three Worlds

This is a close up of one small section of one of the greatest works of art, Three Worlds by Veerachan Usahanun, at the Moca Museum of Modern Art. See more about this great work of art and the full image.

Lebua Hotels

@lebuaHotels was just given a major award as the best hotel in #Bangkok We often don’t agree with these awards, as there are many fine hotels in Bangkok. Incredible, though overpriced – rooftop restaurants and bars, great food, excellent location near the river and art galleries