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Recommended Museums

The best place to enjoy the beauty of art and culture is in Museums. Here are some museums that are worth visiting in Indonesia.

R.A Kartini Museum

A museum located in Jepara, Central Java of Indonesia which best known for its collection of unique statues and relics of RA Kartini the famous female figure.

Batik Museum

Discover the art of Batik as Indonesia’s traditional pattern in the Batik museum that has various Batik collections located in Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia.

Museum Wayang Jakarta

The Wayang Museum is a museum located on Jalan Pintu Besar Utara No. 27, West Jakarta. This unique and interesting-looking building has been renovated several times. Initially, this building was named De Oude Hollandsche Kerk (“Old Dutch Church”) and was first built in 1640. In 1732 it was repaired and renamed De Nieuwe Hollandse Kerk (New Dutch Church) until 1808 due to being destroyed by an earthquake in the same year.

National Museum of Indonesia

The National Museum is an institution, a place for storing, maintaining, securing, and utilising material evidence of human culture, nature, and the environment to support efforts to protect and preserve the cultural wealth of the Indonesian nation. Objects, consisting of 7 types of collections in Jakarta.