Blora Teak Forest

It is a large Teak Forest located in the Blora regency of Central Java, Indonesia. The forest is renowned for its vast expanse of teak trees, which are harvested for their high-quality timber and have been a significant source of income for the local community for centuries. It covers an area of approximately 50,000 hectares and is one of Indonesia’s most extensive.

The Indonesian government manages the forest, and it is considered a valuable national resource due to its high-quality teak timber. The trees in the forest are typically harvested when they are around 50 years old. In addition to its economic importance, it is also a valuable ecological resource, providing habitat for various plant and animal species.

The forest is home to several endemic bird species, including the Javan hawk-eagle and the Javan kingfisher. It is an important nesting site for a variety of migratory bird species. It is also a popular destination for eco-tourism, with visitors coming to explore the forest’s natural beauty and learn about the local community’s traditional methods of teak harvesting. Guided tours allow visitors to learn about the forest’s history, ecology, and cultural significance.

The Indo Art House team once visited it in Java to discover more about it. It is slowly becoming an exciting place to visit. Here are some of our moments when visiting.