The Dazzling Orgonite Stone

Let It Absorbed, The Electromagnetic Radiance by The Dazzling Orgonite Stone

If you are looking for something fancy and eye-catching and a benefit to your surroundings, this beautiful craftwork might be for you. The Indo Art House team has done deep research into the production of  The Dazzling orgonite stone. Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals, and quartz that balances and harmonizes bio-energy, otherwise known as orgone, chi, or prana. It was discovered in the early 19s by Wilhelm Reich, which referred to the universal life energy.

The Dazzling Orgonite Stone

The production of Orgonite Stone

Orgonite is not just a beautiful charm you put on the table. It radiates positive energy, which differs from person to person. The orgonite stone effect is adjusting the physical and mental process of the owner. Therefore, some can feel the energy immediately (normally by feeling a warm sensation), and some take longer.

In Bali, orgonite stone hasn’t met a significant interest. But every year the number of orders from orgonite stone has increased rapidly. The indo art house team once meet an orgonite maker namely Mr. Artawa. He is the owner of an orgonite production house namely, Awak Spirit.

Mr. Artawa

Mr. Artawa, the orgonite maker, said that habitually the effects of orgonite stone that can be felt are higher sleep quality, vivid dreams, more energetic, balanced moods, and growth in spiritual and psychological beliefs, up to decreased sensitivity to EMF.

Orgonite is not just a colorful sparkling stone. It is a symbol of glory and charm. Thus, orgonite is best created for accessories and decorations. Orgonite is created as a beautiful display, necklace, keychain, and many more.

The Dazzling Orgonite Stone

In Bali, orgonite stone hasn’t met a significant interest. But yearly, the number of orders for orgonite stone has increased rapidly. Mr. Artawa also introduced us to several orgonite communities in Bali and overseas. He told us that in Bali, orgonite stone needs more enthusiasts, but overseas such as in Japan, it is a huge trend and has become a great business trend.

Orgonite stone is not just a dazzling craftwork. It brings positivity, indirectly influencing human behavior, critical thinking, and communication ability. Moreover, physically orgonite stone also absorbs electromagnetic radiance emitted by computers and smartphones. Overall, the orgonite stone works well for both physical and mental health support.