Sahasra Rupa Batuan

Sahasra Rupa Batuan: An Exhibition Presenting Over 90 Best Batuan Artworks

In front of the Batuan Puseh Temple, a thousand beautiful ladies marched neatly performing the Batuan sacred dance namely Rejang Sutri. This splendid performance was presented as a part of the opening ceremony for the Sahasra Rupa Batuan Exhibition, held on Sunday, December 18th, 2022.

Sahasra Rupa Batuan
Sahasra Rupa Batuan

Sahasra Rupa Batuan is an event part of Sahasra Warsa Batuan Festival. This event was organized to commemorate the 1000 years written of the Baturan inscription. This event took place at the Baturan Art Space located on the back side of the batuan Puseh Temple.

Bali vice governor Ir. Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati, M.Si. or shortly Cok Ace opened the Sahasra Rupa Batuan exhibition marked by cutting the garlands of Gumitir flowers. The Baturan Art Space is now open for the public to see the displayment of over ninety best artworks from Batuan.

Sahasra Rupa Batuan exhibition collaborated with more than 80 artists which came from different backgrounds. They are painters, wood carvers, mask makers, and stone artists. The exhibition was divided into six different rooms. Each room displayed different artwork.

The first and the second room presented Batuan-styled traditional paintings, and the third room presented maginifect masks inspired by Balinese puppet characters. On the other side building, the visitors can enjoy modern-styled painting, egg painting, and wood artwork, up to colorful esthetic orgonite stones. Some of the displayed artworks in the exhibition are also for sale. Visitors can directly contact the artist and discuss the purchase.

To show support for this event, the Indo Art House team took part in making the catalog containing pieces of information about the artworks. The catalog is also accessible by scanning the Barcode Tag displayed in every artwork. The catalog arranged contains the name of the artwork, the name of the artist or artwork maker, brief descriptions, and a picture of the artwork.

Batuan village as the organizer of this event is hoping that in the years coming, authentic batuan art will still be preserved, developed, and appreciated. Batuan people believe that preserving arts is also a part of appraising the relationship between people and society, people and environment, as well as people with divinity. Indo Art House as the community to maintain art sustainability is giving its best effort in supporting the event, aligned with our vision of encouraging the highest and best.

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