Sahasra Warsa Batuan

Sahasra Warsa Batuan, The Reading of Historical Batuan Inscription

Sahasra Warsa BatuanThe Reading of Historical Batuan Inscription

Bali will never be separated from the preservation of culture for generations. Much cultural maintenance activity is performed as a form of appreciation for the cultures and beliefs. On October 22, specifically on Saraswati day, the Indo Art House team was invited to attend a Batuan Inscription Reading special ceremony. On this day, the Batuan village community held a penedunan (taking out the inscription from where it is stored), cleaning and reading the historical inscriptions of Batuan Village.

Pembacaan Prasasti Hari Minggu

The Batuan inscription, written during the reign of the ancient Balinese king Srie Aji Marakata, dates to 944 Isaka or 1022 AD and is still preserved and sanctified at the Puseh Adat Batuan Village Temple. In commemorating the 1000th anniversary of the preservation of the Batuan inscription, the people of Batuan Village carried out a cleaning ceremony for this inscription as a form of appreciation for the history of Batuan’s life.

The ceremony is carried out on the Saraswati day, which is interpreted as the day when knowledge and literature are handed down without limits. The seven pieces of the Batuan inscription were taken down from the Puseh Temple and cleaned with holy water and lime. The Batuan community took turns helping to clean this ancient inscription so that it was clearly legible.

This activity was also supported by several students of archeology and Balinese literature at Udayana University in digitizing the inscriptions. Using technology, these students perpetuate every piece of the inscription into a photo. The contents of the Baturan inscription are also interpreted into Balinese and then read to the people at the ceremony.

Activities like this are essential for preserving Bali’s traditional culture and history. The Indo Art House team has an opportunity to help promote this historical state’s existence. We are still getting more information regarding the messages written in the natural inscription. Hopefully, there will be more efforts to preserve Balinese art and culture in the future.