Condong Dance & Gambuh Music Opened the Rare Rupa Exhibition

The opening of the Rare Rupa painting exhibition on Sunday, August 14th, 2022, is enlivened by Condong Dance and also Gambuh Music. The Condong Dance’s history is very thick with Batuan because Prince Sukawati created the Condong Dance Movement. This Condong dance is performed by children from Batuan Village. It is accompanied by strains of traditional Gambuh music which we rarely see in Bali nowadays. The unique thing that is inserted in the Condong Dance this time is when the dancer interacts with the children who participate in the painting exhibition by giving them the enthusiasm to stay active in learning to paint, and simultaneously the children answer aloud. It is hoped that with this, we can introduce more to the public how beautiful the movement of the Condong Dance is accompanied by Gambuh Music.

The opening of the Rare Rupa children’s painting exhibition was attended by 5 VIP invites and the Jegeg-Bagus Gianyar couple who had just been elected in the 2022 period. The parties who gave remarks at the opening activities included Mr. Ketut Sadia as “Chairman of Baturulangun”, Mr. Ary Anggara as “Perbekel Desa Perbekel”, Mr. Nyoman Sancita Karma Resen as “Representative of Indo Art House”, Mr. Warih Wisatsana as “Exhibition Curator”, and finally Mr. Anak Agung Gede Rai as “Founder of Arma Art Museum”.

With the exhibition of Rare Rupa’s children’s paintings, the Batuan Village also inaugurated a new building used for the exhibition under the name Batuan Art Space. Symbolically the beating of the kulkul officially opened the Rare Rupa Children’s Painting Exhibition; the children who took part in this activity were very happy while directing the invited guests to go to the Batuan Art Space Building.

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