The First Painting Exhibition in the New Building “BATURAN Art Space”

2022 is a special year because this year marks the 1000th anniversary of Batuan Village. At the end of this year, a special event will be held to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Batuan Village. In August, Indo Art House organized a children’s painting exhibition titled Rare Rupa Batuan in collaboration with the Baturulangun Painting Group and Batuan Village officials. This exhibition was also the first painting exhibition held in the new building of Baturan Art Space.

The excitement from the opening

Important figures participated in the opening of the Rare Rupa exhibition, including Mr. Ary Anggara, the Head of Batuan Village, Mr. Anak Agung Gede Rai, the Founder of Arma Museum Ubud, and Mr. Warih Wisatsana, the well-known art curator in Bali. Hundreds of enthusiastic visitors from the local community and some foreign tourists attended the event as well.

The opening ceremony of the Rare Rupa exhibition was also enlivened by the performance of the Children’s Condong Dance and accompanied by traditional Gambuh music, typical of Batuan Village. The beating of the kulkul marked the speakers’ inauguration of the rare visual exhibition, followed by the inauguration of a new building named Batuan Art Space.

Baturan Art Space for a Better Art Preservation

This name was chosen according to the Batuan inscription, which is expected to make the younger generation still heed the history of Batuan village. The inauguration of the name of the new building is symbolized by breaking a jug filled with flowers, meaning that this building can give fragrance to Batuan Village. Indo Art House aims to encourage the conventional arts of Batuan Village to live and be preserved, therefore, this exhibition is one of the efforts to promote the younger generations.