Rare Rupa Batuan, Sahasra of the Future

For the past few months, the team from Indo Art House has held meetings with relevant parties in Batuan Village, both with the Baturulangun painter group and with the village apparatus, for the smooth running of future activities. The synergy felt by the Indo Art House Team and related parties were extraordinary, from the collection of children’s paintings and the discussion of later division of tasks. The Indo Art House team also provided support in the form of uniform t-shirts for children’s painters whose designs were created by themselves and also t-shirts for the Baturulangun painters.

As for the interests of the media, we have to think about the exhibition’s concept and title. Here we invite Mr. Warih Wisatsana, the curator, to share his ideas. After discussion with him, we finally agreed to choose the combination of meanings of “Rare Rupa Batuan” as a sign of this exhibition which we believe is not an ordinary event; how children can express their imagination freely through painting. On the other hand, the world of their creation is essentially in the shade of a long history, linked to the Batur inscription, which dates to 944 Caka (1022 AD), during King Marakata of the Warmadewa dynasty.


As for the title Rare Rupa, if we dissect the meaning, Rare means children and the choice of the word Rupa is a common thread from the exhibition that was held before, namely “Mother Rupa Batuan”, about three years ago, to be exact, 8-18 September 2019 at Bentara Budaya Bali.

Quoting Mr. Warih Wisatsana’s writing, “the title “Rare Rupa Batuan”, also appears in posters and other publications such as the hashtag, Sahasra Warsa Masa Depan. It is a hope that the children’s painters from Batuan who are exhibiting this time in their own home, Gedung Baru Baturan, are not only upholding the nobility of Kawitan and the legacy of their noble works, but also affirming that they are the future generation who will leave historical marks with their works. masterpieces later on.”


With this, we hope to encourage the spirit of the younger generation to be able to continue to learn and take part in maintaining Balinese art and culture.